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Heeros to acquire Taimer

Heeros Plc and Taimer Ltd have signed a share purchase agreement on 15th of November 2021 for Heeros to acquire 100% of the shares of Taimer, a Finnish SaaS company focusing on PSA (professional services automation) segment ERP solution. Together the companies can offer a fully integrated solution for digitalizing and automating business processes for PSA segment companies. ReadyFireAim invested in Taimer in 2020.

Taimer Ltd is a Finnish software company that owns, produces, develops, markets, and sells Taimer SaaS software. Taimer has been developed based on the needs of customers with strong expertise in project, sales, resource management, invoicing, billing, and time management. Taimer product history begins in 2010 for Finnish entrepreneurs. In early 2014, Taimer took a great leap forward releasing many new features and a totally new platform. Today, Taimer provides businesses with an easy-to-use and cost-efficient SaaS software and is constantly evolving.

The acquisition strengthens Heeros’ capabilities to meet its customers’ needs for business process automatization.

For further information, see the press release and the blog by Heeros.

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