Investment into Feelingstream

Feelingstream was added to our portfolio after the company won the SLUSH funding program and received an investment from the syndicate of Nordic Angel Program by FiBAN.

Feelingstream receiving the "big check" on the main stage at Slush. Photo: FiBAN / Wassim al-Nasser

Feelingstream builds tools that use advanced text analytics and artificial intelligence to radically improve customer experience, helping companies automate their processes and move faster towards digitalization.

Feelingstream was co-founded by Terje Ennomäe and Lauri Ilison in 2015. The idea came from an actual leadership problem – the need to figure out why customers give feedback and what are their issues. Terje, working in a pan-European bank at the time, had initiated several manual content categorisations to analyse the flow of emails.

Unfortunately, the manual categorisation system wasn’t free from bias, subjectivity and errors – which led to an incomplete understanding of the situation and didn’t give much help in what it was designed for – making business decisions. There had to be a more clever way to sort emails. And this is how it started – the idea was taken to VUNK Hackathon in 2015 where the concept of automated content analysis was validated by Telia.

From the initial idea of analysing emails, Feelingstrem has come a long way. They have a platform for conducting an even more advanced text analysis by using emails, chats, calls, CRM and NPS comments or any other free text in customer service. Feelingstream builds artificial intelligence to automate the text handling and analysis processes. The platform connects to an existing contact handling software to make decisions in real time.

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