Portfolio Insight: Revenue Grew to 22.4 Meur and Number of Employees to 211

2019 financials are out, at it is time to take a look at how the portfolio companies have developed.

The total revenue of the portfolio grew 43.0% from 15.7 meur to 22.4 meur. Biggest increases came from Cityvarasto (2.3 meur), Skand (1.4 meur) and Innovestor (1.0 meur). These were also the companies with the largest revenues with 10.0 meur in Cityvarasto, 4.2 meur in Innovestor and 2.5 meur in Skand.

The median growth in the portfolio was 53.9%, with the fastest growth in Skand (122.0%), Screenful (91.4%) and PromoRepublic (83.7%).

Overall 211 people were employed by the portfolio companies in 2019, an increase of 51 employees (31.9%) from 2018. Cityvarasto had 49 employees, PromoRepublic 39 and both Innovestor and OGOship 25.

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