Portfolio insight: Revenue YoY growth median 52.9%

The revenues of the portfolio companies of ReadyFireAim are showing good growth. On median, the revenues grew 52.9% from 2016 to 2017. Overall, the revenues of the portfolio companies grew 41.9% from €7.1 million to €10.0 million.

Highest growth rates were shown by Eximap and Innovestor, which both achieved over 300% YoY growth rates. Innovestor also achieved the highest growth in terms of euros increasing its revenues by €1.6 million, followed by Cityvarasto with €614 thousand and OGOship with €463 thousand.

All but one of the portfolio companies were able to increase the revenues. However, reflecting the fact that most of the portfolio companies are early-stage startups, it was not surprising that the growth rates varied a lot.

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