Portfolio Review Q1 2019

Investment Activity

Three new startups were added to the portfolio: Dwellet, Feelingstream, and Witview. Feeelingstream and Witview came through the deal flow of the Nordic Angel Program at Slush, while Dwellet came through our network. Two follow-up investments were made into Innovestor and OGOship.

You can read more about the investment into Dwellet here, Feelingstream here and Witview here.

Portfolio Highlights


SportaPost was nominated for the Arctic Design Company of the Year -award by the Arctic Design Week. It also made into the Top 30 in the Arctic15 funding program. Other recognized portfolio companies included Startup World Cup Finland finalist ContractZen and Witview which made it to the Top 30 of the Arctic15 funding program.

New Products

During Q1 Screenful published a major product release as well as a new version on the Epic Card Power-Up. SportaPost launched a pilot for its sponsorship platform.

Funding Rounds

In Q1 several portfolio companies had their funding rounds, including Dwellet (pre-seed round with angel investors), Innovestor (A-round to accelerate growth to selected investors), OGOship (bridge round to existing investors) and Witview (pre-seed round with angel investors).

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