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Portfolio Review Q1 2021

The first quarter of the year was one of our most active in the history of the company. The period saw two exits, six funding rounds in the portfolio, and one new investment.

Exits was sold to Kahoot!. The rapid growth of the company was underlined with an exit in less than six months after the investment. Read our post about the exit here.

Our stake in Cityvarasto was sold in a secondary transaction.

Investment Activity

A new investment was made into tax technology company RoyaltyRange. RoyaltyRange provides data globally to industry-leading multinational enterprises, global consulting companies, and international law firms in more than 60 countries.

Follow-on investments were made into Jeff, Skand, and SportaPost.

Portfolio Highlights

Cambri received €3.6 million Series A funding round. The round was lead by OpenOcean and Spintop Ventures.

Montinutra, a subsidiary of our portfolio company Montisera, got an investment of €1 million from Metsä Spring and private investors.

Jeff raised $1 million from angel investors and Startup Wiseguys.

Screenful received an investment from Atlassian Ventures.

Skand completed its funding round on Invesdor platform, raising €845 thousand. The equity funding is supplemented by €1 million debt financing.

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