Why ReadyFireAim?

RFA offers more than just funding for your company. Besides the actual investment, we offer hands-on support for growing your company and provide you with access to future investors. Also, our portfolio companies are entitled to valuable benefits.

Hands-on support with a proven track record

We take an active role in supporting you on your journey, typically via an advisory or board role. This way we can leverage the experiences gained from similar roles in over 20 fast-growing companies, including e.g. the success stories of Alder & Sound, Innovestor, and OGOship.

An extensive network of co-investors

We provide you with access to an extensive network of investors to boost your future fundraising. In our portfolio companies we have co-investors from the leading business angel networks and VCs, including

Angel networks

Finnish Business Angels Network

Estonian Business Angels Network

Global Super Angels Club

Marbella Tech Angels


Atlassian Ventures

Gorilla Capital

Helsinki Ventures

Howzat Partners


Lifeline Ventures


Startup Wise Guys

TAO Ventures




As a ReadyFireAim portfolio company, you are entitled to the Fiban Founders’ Club benefits, including:

AWS Activate program, with $10k in AWS Promotional Credit;​

HubSpot for Startups program, with 90% off HubSpot for one year;

Stripe startup offer, €20k waived Stripe fees; and

Exclusive Fiban Founders’ Club events to learn and share best practices of other founders



We have partnered with the leading service providers to support our portfolio companies.

Our portfolio company Rocket Office provides a full set of financial services ranging from statutory accounting to a fully equipped finance function lead by a dedicated CFO. Rocket is the only financial services provider focusing solely on startups and growth companies.

Alder & Sound offers legal, tax, and financial advisory services. Since 2010, A&S has catered to a wide variety of Finnish and international clients with extensive professional services.


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